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    Modern marketers of all sizes and industries face many of the same challenges. We feel your pain and we’re here to help! Take charge of your inbound marketing with our Mod Inbound Audit, which will show you where your marketing campaigns are falling short and what digital channels you should focus on for maximum Return On Investment. From there, you can choose to implement our recommended action plan on your own or form an ongoing partnership with us to achieve and maintain the results you need.

    Fill out a quick survey for a chance to qualify for the Mod Inbound Audit, which will identify core strengths and weaknesses with your current marketing efforts. Our team will examine your web presence to determine if we’re the best fit to take your company to the next level.
    The Mod Girl team will help you understand where your marketing campaigns are falling short and identify opportunities for growth. This comprehensive audit will give you the tools necessary to create successful marketing campaigns that consistently attain maximum ROI.
    Take charge of your digital marketing with the Mod Inbound Audit. Quickly and effectively learn how to increase the quality and quantity of leads to stretch your marketing dollars. Plus we’ll identify and train your team in tools that will help you achieve your specific long-term goals. 

    Kimberly Pratt, of HealthyPsych, says:

    Mandy and her team performed a comprehensive audit that was very helpful. Great communication, responsiveness and tips – I walked away with many practical ideas that could be implemented right away. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

    Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe, of ROXY Plastic Surgery, says:

    I can’t say enough about Mod Girl – they have totally turned our website and social media marketing around. The team is diverse in their skills and equipped to address every sort of online service you need. We are so happy with our service and outcomes!

    Website Content

    Discover where your website content is falling short and how to increase engagement with your target audience. 

    Social Media

    Receive valuable analysis on your most important social channels and expert insight into areas requiring improvement 


    Read expert insight into your top 5 webpages, so you can stop guessing how to get #1 rankings and visibility. 

    Brand Messaging

    Find out: Is your brand messaging on point? Are your ideal customers resonating with your brand storytelling?

    Lead Captures

    Get on track to improve lead capture forms and calls-to-action that have a direct impact on your revenue. 


    Become versed in best practices for branding, engagement and lead nurturing through strategic blogging.