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  • The CMO’s Guide to Creating a Modern Marketing Dream Team
    A decade ago you could hire someone with a general title of “marketer” and not think twice about it. Try that stunt today and you’ll be forking out training fees on a non-specialized marketer till the end of time.

    The real value comes from hiring marketing specialists, which is something many CMOs know but are paralyzed by the sheer number of niche job titles. Who do you hire? Who do you outsource? Who do you trust?

    The good news is no CMO on the planet has mastered every new marketing specialization, nor do they need to. The bad news? The dream team is going to come at a cost, not just for onboarding, but retaining. 
    Knowing what specialists to hire and which you should outsource is the next standard by which a great CMO is measured.

    Our guide tells you how to do exactly that! 
    The greatest leaders are delegators, and the greatest delegators hire specialized talent to get the job done right. Hire smart and get prepared with Mod Girl’s marketing dream team guide.
    Master the Art of the Modern Marketing Hire
    A single well placed specialist is an asset worth 2x, 3x, or even 4x their salaried pay, and lets you focus on delegation and strategy rather than technical work. 
    Learn the 12 Titles of the Future of Marketing
    Never scroll through a list of job titles with a sense of dread ever again. Know which titles will waste your time and which will add incredible value to your company.
    Clueless to Outsourcing Guru in Under 30 Minutes
    Ever wish you could have a sixth sense for picking and choosing the talent that’s outsourced and the talent that’s kept in-house? Answer these 5 simple questions to find out!
    Get the Inside Track to Modern Marketing
    You aren't expected to know everything but if you arm yourself with a team of specialized experts and talent at your side, it will definitely seem like you do!
    "This guide was full of invaluable insights that helped me understand the importance of building a cohesive inbound marketing team and what capabilities I could manage in-house vs. what I could outsource."
    Jessica Cummings, Marketing Director at Barkman Honey
    For the CMO In Need of a Refresher 
    If you blinked in the last 20 years you missed some massive change or another to the world of marketing. For many the solution has been to bury their heads in the work they understand and hope for the best. 

    The smarter play is to hire the right talent and manage specialized teams into a brighter future. That’s what our guide sets you up to do, and all it takes is 30 minutes.  
    For the CMO on the Cutting Edge
    For the CMO that keeps up with the latest trends and masters new marketing specializations in their spare time—this guide contains insider knowledge on the most critical job titles of the coming decade.

    A single smart hire can spell the difference between staying relevant and falling behind. Separate the titles that matter from the titles that don’t with Mod Girl’s dream team guide.  

    A Word from the Author
    “The modern CMO has a difficult choice to make. They can spend dozens of hours a week trying to keep up with a thousand trending marketing specializations, OR they can delegate the right tasks to the right people. I struggled with this choice for years, but I only saw true growth for my company after deciding on the latter. 

    I wrote this book for the CMOs still struggling with outsourcing and delegating important marketing tasks to talented specialists.” 
    Learn How to Hire Outsourced & In-House Marketing Specialists in Under 30 Minutes!
    Mastering the art of the specialized hire is the new gold standard of the modern CMO. Rely on specialized help to kick start your company into the next generation of marketing. Tap into monster growth by combining the knowledge of both in-house specialists and outsourced talent.  

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