Inbound Marketing Done For You: 
 Tools and Tricks To Get Any Inbound Strategy to Run Itself!
For the first time EVER we’re offering Mod Girl’s very own IN-HOUSE checklist PLUS our Top 39 Inbound Marketing Tools eBook in what will surely be known as:
What Would Your Day Be Like If You Didn’t Even Have to THINK About Inbound Marketing?
These Tools and Tricks of Inbound Marketing, Learned Over a Decade of Insights, Testing, and Yes, Even MISTAKES, Will Completely Change Your Inbound Strategy FOREVER.

And we’re not just saying that. 

If you combine these two assets together, you’ll have everything you need to automate 99% of your inbound marketing. 
  • 39 amazing tools to automate all the worst inbound grunt work like online project management, data analysis, content curation and publication. 
  • Our Mod Girl Inbound checklist, perfected over YEARS, puts every other piece of the inbound puzzle on CRUISE CONTROL.
It almost makes us feel sorry for the marketers who missed out on this.

Just check out what you’ll get with the Mod Girl Bundle of the Century:
Any Marketer Who is Worth Their Salt Has Heard of These 39 Inbound Tools
They’re Touted as the Must-Have Essentials for Inbound. And Mod Girl’s Newest eBook Brings Them All Together In One Place for the First Time In History!
Over 2,000 companies sell digital marketing tools. And most companies sell more than a single tool. That’s enough tools to drive Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor into an insane asylum. 

To make matters worse, digital companies come and go and merge together almost every week. If you’re gonna spend the resources getting to know a new tool, you want to be 100% sure that the company will be around next year. And ideally the next 10 years.  
Over the last few years a consensus has formed around a handful of practical, intuitive, and dare we say, imperative tools that marketers of every stripe and school of thought should know about. 
We’re pleased to announce that for the first time ever, these toolkit essentials are listed together in one place, tucked away within what can only be described as the most organized curation of inbound tools we’ve ever seen. 
It’s a good time to be an inbound marketer!
“Mandy provides excellent insight into the best of inbound marketing tools, and guides marketers toward the right inbound solutions for us -- taking some of the work off of our plate in the process!”
Theresa Trevor, CMO SkySpecs
Smart Marketers Let Checklists Do Their Inbound Marketing Work for Them
Ever felt overwhelmed by inbound marketing? Not overwhelmed like, “I’ve got a list of 50 things to do” but more like, “There are 999 things I know I have to do, but how do I start when I don’t know what the heck they are” kind of overwhelmed.

Good news, you don’t have to feel like that. 

The key to it all is a checklist. 

As Atul Gawande in “The Checklist Manifesto” points out, checklists have helped U.S. Air Force pilots fly the most complex machines in the world, saved hundreds of drowning victims every year, and practically eliminated killer hospital infections. 
If checklists can do all that, they can probably help your inbound strategy. Just sayin’.
The Mod Girl Inbound Checklist was created after years of trial and error.

If Air Force pilots trust checklists with their lives, at the very LEAST ours will save you a few hours a week in paralysis wondering what to do next. And since time equals money, we’re pretty sure you get the picture. 
“Mod Girl Marketing does a fantastic job of explaining in rather simple terms just how important not only having a firm grasp of Inbound Marketing is, but executing on your Inbound Marketing. Mandy’s inbound checklist alone is worth $50, easy. "
Ryan Cox, Digital Marketing Specialist with J.C. Hart
But don’t worry. We won’t sell it to you for hundreds. In fact, you can get the checklist, PLUS the 39 Inbound Marketing Tools You Can’t Afford to Ignore, for just $17.
“Inbound doesn’t have to be hard. With the right tools at your disposal, you can get Inbound Marketing on autopilot in a matter of a few hours!”
–Mandy, Founder of Mod Girl Marketing - All Rights Reserved