I'm Mandy McEwen, and for nearly a decade I've been helping companies succeed with modern digital marketing -- giving them the tools and knowledge to expand their reach into new markets while continuing to dominate their existing markets.
Working with CMOs on a daily basis has given me a real-life picture of a common challenge most CMOs face: how to connect with their target audience and convert that audience into loyal, paying customers.

Having this deep understanding inspired me to create The Modern CMO: A Handbook for Effective Inbound Marketing.

Consider this handbook your must have resource for mastering inbound marketing and crafting highly effective inbound marketing campaigns.
The numbers don’t lie. Take a look at these stats:
  • 77% of CMOs at top performing companies indicate that their most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation is to increase revenue (cmo.com).
  • Companies that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads (Salesforce).
  • It took my company, Mod Girl Marketing, just three months to achieve a 335% ROI for a local plastic surgery client.
  • That same client also saw a 975% increase in organic impressions and a 1,460% increase in social traffic with next to zero additional time investments.
The answer is clear: brands are finding massive success through automation and inbound marketing. 

So now I want you to take these tactics and leverage them for your own business success.
Results Like This Are Possible For Any Business, and Both Strategies Can Be Executed With a Time Investment of Just 30 Minutes
The Modern CMO’s Handbook is a short and highly informative eBook that can be read in a single sitting in under 30 minutes.

Okay, maybe a single sitting for a very motivated individual. If you’re as busy as I am, you can’t find three minutes in the day to cordon off for educational purposes—let alone up to 30. 

That’s why I broke the book down into eight “snackable” modules, which you can read whenever you please, in whatever order you fancy. 

Each module is full of strategies, examples, charts, creative ideas for inbound marketing, and automation tools to help bring you up to speed and begin implementing a strategy of your own. 
"Inbound marketing was a new concept for me, but Mod Girl Marketing makes it easy to understand and quickly take action with 'The Modern CMOs Guide'. I learned several tactical strategies that I can implement right away to make my marketing more effective and my team is already at work putting them into motion. "
Krystal Covington, CEO of Women of Denver
The Modern CMO’s Handbook features these jam-packed and insightful modules:
That’s a lot of information all packed into one eBook. Better than having to look it all up on the fly with Google, right? 

I thought so!
The Modules Provide the Tools and Strategies You Need to Create Your Own Inbound Marketing Campaigns Fast—But for Me, That Wasn’t Enough
So I Added Examples Straight from Mod Girl Marketing’s Strategic Ideas Vault 
Here’s the deal... When you grab a copy of The Modern CMO’s Handbook I’m also going to give you three bonus pieces of content, absolutely free of charge. 
  • BONUS 1 is my SMART goals checklist. Develop inbound campaigns quickly and efficiently using the SMART process to ensure your inbound marketing strategy stays targeted and reaches only those you want it to reach. 
  • BONUS 2 is an easy-to-use buyer persona template. If you’ve never created a buyer persona before, use this process to make creating them insanely easy—like, in 5 minutes or less easy!
  • BONUS 3 is Mod Girl Marketing’s own proprietary buyer personas that have been honed over the course of years. This marks the first time we’ve ever released our personas. Use them as you see fit!
And while it’s not a bonus per se, The Modern CMO’s Handbook is packed with links directing you to additional learning tools and blogs. That puts you in charge regarding how deeply you want to learn an individual topic.  
Then I Thought, “You Know the Only Thing This Deal Is Missing?”
Access to an Amazing Community Just for Marketers
So along with everything I just mentioned above—the book, the template, the buyer personas and the checklist—I’m also throwing in a one-year membership to the Mod CMO Club for a limited time. 

You’ll find the latest digital marketing trends, information on the best marketing tools in the industry AND club member only deals on Mod Girl services in this exclusive community.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive our CMO Club Monthly Newsletter to keep you up to date on all essential industry news.

We aren't sure how much longer we will be able to offer this LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, so if you want this perk, take advantage while you have the chance! 

Order today to secure this very limited bonus!
I’ve Seen Udemy Classes Go for Hundreds of Dollars with This Information. Thaaaat’s a Little Much. 
I mean, I get where they’re coming from. A solid inbound marketing strategy can make companies tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. A hundred dollar price tag could maybe be justified for some of those courses.  

Still, this is more of a jump starter guide, rather than a full on educational workshop. 

As a CMO, you know how I feel. First hand data and information is the only information your competitors don’t have access to. You can’t disseminate it across the four corners of the internet without some repercussions. 
So I Settled On $27—a Modest Price by Most Standards—for The Modern CMO’s Handbook
"Many CMOs face the challenge today of reaching more customers and delivering a solid ROI. The Modern CMO's Handbook is a great resource to refine your inbound marketing strategy and give you a game plan to attract, convert and keep more customers"
Jonathan Herrick, CMO of Hatchbuck
Make the Leap to Inbound Marketing. Tap Into a Marketing Channel With a 200% Average ROI!
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