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How Long Will Your Competitors Stay Clueless About Inbound Marketing? With Average ROIs of Around 200%, We’d Guess:
 “Not. Very. Long.”
I'm Mandy McEwen, and for nearly a decade I've been helping companies succeed with modern digital marketing -- giving them the tools and knowledge to expand their reach into new markets while continuing to dominate their existing markets.
Working with CMOs on a daily basis has given me a real-life picture of a common challenge most CMOs face: how to connect with their target audience and convert that audience into loyal, paying customers.

Having this deep understanding inspired me to create The Modern CMO: A Handbook for Effective Inbound Marketing.

Consider this handbook your must have resource for mastering inbound marketing and crafting highly effective inbound marketing campaigns.
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Inbound Marketing is long past the early adopter phase. 

As marketers, we already know this. We’ve even taken a few precautions, like, writing a random blog post or two, or creating a business Facebook page. 

What we don’t know is how long these half-hearted attempts at an inbound strategy will keep the wolves at bay.
“75% of executives prefer using inbound marketing for their business”
- HubSpot’s 2015 Inbound Marketing Report
The way we market to our customers is changing rapidly. 

Inbound marketing is the future of that customer interaction. 

If you’ve been dragging your feet when it comes to inbound, I have some good news. There’s still time to achieve these crazy ROIs. 

That’s why I wrote The Modern CMO: An Effective Handbook for Inbound Marketing —an informative guide that will take no longer than 30 minutes of your time from start to finish! 
Many CMO's face the challenge today of reaching more customers and delivering a solid ROI. The Modern CMO's Handbook is a great resource to refine your inbound marketing strategy and give you a game plan to attract, convert and keep more customers
Jonathan Herrick, CMO at Hatchbuck
Mandy provides excellent insight into the best of inbound marketing tools, and guides marketers toward the right inbound solutions for us -- taking some of the work off of our plate in the process! A helpful and spot-on guide.
Theresa Trevor, CMO at SkySpecs
All 8 Modules + 3 Bonus Gifts Straight from the Mod Girl Vault. 

...and all for JUST $27!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee 
Why do you need this eBook? Take a look at these numbers:
  • It took Twitter two years to go from 50 million to 200 million users using strategies related to the two seismic shifts
  • Big Bang, a European electronics retailer, boosted sales by 274% using the same methods
  • It took my company, Mod Girl Marketing, just three months to achieve a 335% ROI for a local plastic surgery client
  • That same client also saw a 975% increase in organic impressions and a 1,460% increase in social traffic with next to zero additional time investments
Each and every one of these success stories were achieved through testing and implementing tried and true inbound marketing strategies. 

Sure you’ve heard of them, but I want you to go a step further and put these strategies to use for your business, which is why I created this eBook.
Inbound marketing was a new concept for me, but Mod Girl Marketing makes it easy to understand and quickly take action with "The Modern CMO’s Handbook." I learned several tactical strategies that I can implement right away to make my marketing more effective and my team is already at work putting them into motion. 
Krystal Covington, CEO at Women of Denver
Mandy has done a terrific job at demystifying inbound marketing and providing a solid framework for success. Her pragmatic approach is refreshing in a time when so many claim to be experts. Mandy is the real deal.
Jonathan Levitt, CMO at Reitmans Canada Ltd.
Download your copy of The Modern CMO’s Handbook TODAY and start executing powerful inbound marketing campaigns within minutes...guaranteed!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee 
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